Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Grace and Forgiveness

Well rested somehow and awake again to another day...but no snow? I confront another day with my shoulders square and head lifted. We can do this.

I am learning that I have a warped and skewed concept of God. Since I started this spiritual journey, I think that some vestige of an idea has lingered over me, and it is not correct or right. God loves me and gave all that He had in order to pursue a relationship for me.

He is not lying in wait to trap me, to somehow "catch me" and then pull back all of His promises and love. While He does not tolerate sin and is jealous of me, there is no cloak and dagger game going on, where He is trying to get out of the gift that He offers me of peace and comfort, eternal life, personal relationship and hope.

Somewhere along the way of life, I got this idea that He was this stern, mean, cruel and disapproving person that could not wait to punish me. You better watch out man...He is going to judge you and smash your world. I need to learn who He really is. He loves me.

The Bible teaches me if I confess my sin, He is faithful to and just to forgive me AND to cleanse me from it all. So God, I confess it. You know what I did. I know what I did.

Let me be perfectly clear...

It was wrong.

Help me to walk away from it and please clean me up. I get so mucked and dirty in this world, Dad and want to be right...not just do right. Please help me today.

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  1. if you ask you, you make total sense, and I understand where you're coming from.

    This summer I dealt with almost the exact same stuff as this... Figuring out that my view of Jesus and God was not at all what it should be.
    Where you think God is a schemer, waiting to pounce on you and condemn you, I had in my mind that He hadn't really forgiven EVERYTHING about me. I figured He wanted more. I believed that there was still some amount of punishment that I needed to fulfill that Christ hadn't

    And you speak the truth: God is not a schemer. He has not lied to you. He does not look to condemn you, but to redeem you... to make you sanctified, and to make you look more like Jesus.

    You're moving forward man... Just remember the position you need to be in for Christ to move: Submission.
    I'm praying for you, and can't wait to talk with you again.