Sunday, March 4, 2012


...the Label.

Stripping The Label from James Vong on Vimeo.

This is a powerful short film about how we define ourselves, as well as how other define us, by the labels that choose us and those that we choose. The message I found here was actually quite different than one of bullying and oppression from others.

I was challenged to stop identifying as a Gay "__________". My sexual orientation is certainly something I am not ashamed of, or am I? If I was completely at peace with it, would it factor in so greatly in my life or would it eventually become assimilated into all the other facets that make up the complete individual that I am and am becoming in life?

Much more thinking about this message is needed and I hope to share my thoughts here on this later, but I am off to work. Thanks to for sharing this video with me. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you need to. It is a must see for any guy who has any questions about being a guy in this world we live in. Definitely check out his articles and the great surveys. Go ahead and follow him on Twitter too! He will make your day with some of his thoughts, ideas and questions. Later all!


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  1. Question remains: is that how you define yourself--as a gay "_____"?

    If so, why is that necessarily undesirable for you? (I'm assuming that the individual who is "challenging" you finds it less than desirable.). If that is really the heart of your soul, would you want to change it?

    I must admit, I stumbled upon your blog via piano being one of your listed interests. But if your blog is any indication, your sexuality seems to occupy a paramount place in your life. Perhaps because most of us tend to put so much into our (sexual) relationships(as opposed to mere friendships)? In any event, again, I fail to see the harm, if that is the case.

    Maybe deep down you're not completely comfortable with you sexuality. But my sense is you are. What you may be uncomfortable with is the discomfort of others--those few (and I'd wager that they are indeed few) who've spoken up about it.

    I was almost in disbelief when I read your interests. I prefer to think of myself as more unique than not. Your blogger profile certainly dispelled that myth.

    But I mention that only as a way to request that your write more about those other parts of you, if such a request is permissible. It's not that I want you to forget the rest, quite the opposite; please keep it at the fore. But I have a feeling those of us who are strangers might really be missing out.

    Anyway, it's just a thought. I'll keep reading either way.

    Warmest regards.