Saturday Morning Song

Sipping coffee. Getting ready to pull the car out, drop the top and head to Bucyrus, Kansas for Cars and Coffee. Another car show this afternoon with my Dad and his new old truck and then some projects around the shop to work on. Going to be a grand day. Cheers!



  1. Well,that's a start. Keep at it! R.

  2. What's the point of having a blog if you don't write in it? Two weeks without any post. R

  3. I saw a LeBaron convertible locally for sale less than 10 days ago. It was in nice shape other than someone had failed to change the timing belt and thus it needed head work or a new head. Low miles. I almost bought it as I always liked them too. However I really preferred the hard top version. So I didn't. But I thought of you, and I hoped the best for you. And here you are!

    1. Great to hear from you. Odd and interesting how the individual facts of life can bring to mind something or someone from afar. You might have missed out on a gem, but that also sounds like a lot of work for a car that doesn't hold sentimental or great resale value. Vehicles are always a labor of love. Thanks for thinking of me and I am glad to be back!



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