That one time, yesterday.

What a week! Still waking up this early Saturday morning and knew I needed to get some words down here to keep the momentum going, as well as to capture just how and what is going on in my my life before time makes it all slip away. This coffee is tasting great, especially since it is a frigid 9 degrees outside. The humidifiers are running at full and a space heater and fireplace are augmenting my central heat to make it nice and cozy in the house this morning, despite the cold outside. I truly appreciate a nice home to live in during the winter. Yet another thing to be truly grateful for. There have been times in my life when I have certainly had less. "In every state I am in, therewith to be content" continues to ring true.

My mind is a whirlwind so might as well dive in somewhere. This week was a crazy time at work, the first full five day week since December and we took it in stride and really shone. So many people to feed, lots of changes going on with staff and numerou…

Simple day. Feeling Better.

Image This morning's brew in the Moka Pot is Cafe Bustelo espresso, a change from my
usual of late, Medaglia D'Oro. In proper strength, I will rate this one delicious, though a bit more subtle roast. In the last three days, I have managed to sleep for 36 hours and I have to say I am feeling much better, though my voice still hasn't come back entirely, so I sound an odd mix of James Earl Jones and Fieval Mousekewitz. (An "American Tail" reference for you other 90's kids.)

Some strain of something bit me a few days ago and got progressively worse, but I stuck it out and just completed my routine of work and then crashed each day to sleep through till the morning, fortified of course, by some OTC meds and various vitamins and copious amounts of water. I have to say, considering, I feel pretty fantastic for a Saturday morning! I am ready to get this day started!

The day is pretty much an open book, though I do have an appointment at 11 am which might ta…

This new Space of Mine

Stretching it out, quite early in the morning here. Woke up at 1:30 am after crashing last night directly after work. I had intended to take a short nap and then get up to cook dinner and finish a few things around the house, but my body had other plans. I must have been worn out! Feeling great this morning and starting my day off to an early beginning. I spent almost a full hour with intense stretching and then did a light work out. I am now finishing up some laundry that got postponed by my long nap last evening. Household tasks are never done it seems.What is today? Thursday? Yep. It is going to be my busiest day of the week but I love the rush that it brings. All of the People are back, filling the Two Towers after their long holiday breaks and vacations and this is where we start kicking ass and taking names! I am going to need my dancing shoes on for this day, as the last month has been quiet a leisurely pace. I know it's going to be a fun but busy service today.
I guess no…

More thoughts

I like these quiet times in the morning. They are usually filled with some task to complete as I usually try to tackle one thing each morning to put me further ahead, be it cleaning, organizing or simply practicing a new song on my piano. If I get something done before I leave for work, it makes my day that much better. But this morning, besides the mundane every day tasks of getting ready and preparing for a short week at work, I have simply been listening to music, sipping my coffee, with my feet literally up on my desk.

Not a bad way to start the day.

Something I tried this last month was to stop watching television in the evenings. Many nights, after dinner, I would read a few chapters in whatever book I was working on but more often than not, I would sit quietly and listen to music. Hours of it in fact. It certainly made a change for me in my mood and how I would sleep at night. Many times, I would find myself singing along or humming when I didn't know the words but could f…

Up and at 'Em

My body decided that 1:30 am was time to start my day, so after a moment's pause and double checking with my lizard brain, I decided to comply. I had enough rest and was ready to go. So now I sit here, a few hours before I have to leave for work, showered, shaved, dressed and coffee'd. Trash is collected and ready to set out and I am listening to the soundtrack to "The Greatest Showman", which is my latest ear worm. "A Million Dreams" is playing and I am taking a moment to reflect on my own childhood and coming of age. The almost full moon is shining bright enough through the window to leave faint shadows on the hardwood floor and all is at peace.

Take a listen if you like. I wonder where this song might take you? I'll wait.

While considering what I might write about this morning, an analogy I had come across the other day came to mind and I thought I would mention it, as it had been on my mind, specifically considering how I react to situations at wor…

Writing again

And so it begins. I can see the sun coming in like quiet gold through the blinds and I am sitting here, listening to quiet music and drinking some strong coffee made in my Moka Pot, as I do most mornings. It is -11 degrees outside and today is a day off from work.

While standing outside, the realization hit me that in the past year, I had been turned outward. To others, to family, to friends, to work and all those things that exist outside of me but had rarely taken a moments pause to consider myself in the fantastic bustle of it all.

There were times I considered writing about an event, or as a thought had come to be about some mundane thing, the things that I inordinately take great interest in. But those promptings were fleeting and often set to the side in the light of another task to be completed or other face to seek.

Today belongs to me. There are no plans. Nothing laid down and agreed with others to complete sits before me.

And I am okay with that.

How to start again here and…

Saturday Morning Song

Sipping coffee. Getting ready to pull the car out, drop the top and head to Bucyrus, Kansas for Cars and Coffee. Another car show this afternoon with my Dad and his new old truck and then some projects around the shop to work on. Going to be a grand day. Cheers!