Saturday, December 10, 2011


Morning came softly and I awoke to the quiet rushing sound of white noise and thoughts that brought my mind back from that interior space that it travels to in those hours of sleep that reset me each day. I climbed out of my bed's warm embrace, slipped on a pair of flannel pants and walked quietly through the still house. The refrigerator's bright light flashed briefly in the kitchen and then was dark.  Cold clean water in a deep blue polished glass has never tasted quite so good. I stood and sipped it in the almost dark and noticed that the full white moon was casting my faint shadow back on the hardwood floor. Gazing at the moon I wondered, who am I?

I am still not quite awake but my day has begun. My thoughts are not quite ordered but I am at a place of tenuous peace. This week has changed things. Subtly in ways that I can not quite put my finger on, but there is a differentness to everything about me. It can only be felt with something that is either a combination of all of my five known senses or possibly some other sense that has yet to be defined or clarified. No what the matter, life has changed. My eyes, my mind, my heart is translating life in an altered fashion and I am not quite aware of what has passed and begun anew.

I can rest easy in this space because it feels like progress. Something is in the space around me that is moving me forward. Maybe it has always been there and I am only rarely perceptive enough to be cognizant of its existence. Is this the passing of time? Is it maybe maturity and growth settling lightly onto me with each days end and new beginning. I do not know but I will be present to its existence. I want to know.

I am still unable to write coherently about the events that are transpiring but please know that I am well.


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