Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I seriously need to get my butt in gear and write some stuff out but my journal and friends have been taking the brunt of my sharing lately. Still have a lot of things all crammed together that are not ready to come out of my head and heart but I have had and am having a fantastic holiday despite some rather heavy circumstances and situations.

Tonight finds me pretty tired rather early and I might just turn in soon. I have two whole days off and I am excited for the "me" time as well as the plans Michael and our friends have for celebrating the turning of the New Year. Hopefully tomorrow morning will find me in a head space ready to share a bit more of what has been going on in my life or at least some rambling words about what crosses my mind from time to time. It is not so much the unwillingness to write but rather the loss of a healthy habit. I need to reconnect with the creative head space that got me started here and I think I know just the way to do that.

More words and stuff later! Thanks to all the new readers who have swung by and for all my constants that support and help me each of my days along the way. It really is turning out to be quite the adventure!


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