Friday, July 27, 2012

Sex is the Question

To any of my readers who are sexually active, consider taking a few minutes of you time and adding your answers and thoughts to this survey currently being conducted about us gay guys here in the United States. It is confidential and a great way to help the It Gets Better Project.

It only takes a few minutes and our participation will help our community in the education about and the prevention of HIV. Give it a thought. This is about all of us, not some random "they" or guy you will never meet. HIV impacts us all, whether you know a positive person now or are one yourself. As I have grown up in and around my community, I have seen the importance of education, prevention and treatment, first hand. It has impacted my life personally in so many different ways. Just take a moment to care, for yourself and others, as uncomfortable as you might feel about the idea initially. These are conversations we need to be having with ourselves, if not others.

At the end of the survey, you will be able to see the information about your own demographic and how you compare and fit into the gay community around you. The results and information were enlightening and informative for me. Thanks for helping out. We all matter.


About the Survey

If you are going to take just one survey all year, this is the one you should take.

We all know how to keep ourselves safe. Yet, guys continue to test positive. We need your help to figure out why. Your confidential answers will be pooled with tens of thousands more. The resulting data will help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local health departments better understand patterns of behavior- both sexual and health promoting- among men in our communities, and to make sure our prevention resources have the greatest impact.

You have likely taken an online survey before. Maybe it was even related to your sexual health. This survey is different. Aside from being among the largest ever conducted on guys like us in the United States, it's also one of the first surveys to provide immediate feedback based on your answers. We understand your time and information is valuable, so we want to give you some information back.

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