Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Equation

The Equation: Vimeo

My friend, Jeremy Collin's first fictional film. It also happens to be Marvin Mastin's acting debut! Congrats guys. :)

The Equation is a journey that follows french botanist Dr. Julian Desvaux in his pursuit for the rumored but undiscovered la respiration de orchidee ́s (The Breathing Orchid). It is rumored to have “fountain of Youth” qualities, regenerating cells and reviving deceased matter.

Armed with recording, mapping, and scientific devices, he shoulders an immense pack and heads into the jungles, mountains, and wild places to find this elusive flower. Along the way he finds his pursuit of beauty comes at a cost.

Slowly but surely his devices not only fail his pursuit, but become a hindrance.Eventually he is stranded in the wilderness with nothing more than his five senses where the story blooms much like the Breathing Orchid itself. Facing death, the thing he seeks may be the only thing that can save him.

Creator - Jeremy Collins
Music by Zoe Keating


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