Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Truth be told, I have been both of these guys. Haven't we all at some point or the other?



  1. Some people are in our lives for a Reason.
    Some people are in our lives for a Season.
    Some people are in our lives for a Lifetime.

    Each has its purpose.

  2. i can't remember if i have been one or both of these guys--it has been a very long time since i have been in a relationship--probably 4 years?? i am not against dating at this point, but at 50 years of age, i no longer want to have dead ends after a false start. in other words, attraction is not enough anymore. it may be overthinking things (that is what i do), but maybe if these two "characters" spent time getting to know each other before having sex, they may have found out that they were not compatible. there is no one way to do these things, and there are exceptions to every rule, but for myself, i no longer need just a roll in the hay. show me someone who will take some time to get to know me. now THAT is a turn on.