Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A day off

A day off work! I can't help but grin this morning as I wrote that. I slept in this morning and am even now just waking up slowly. No alarm clock chirped me to action at 3:30 am. I simply woke up when my body decided enough sleep had been had. I slipped on some PJ pants, a favorite, worn t-shirt and some woolly socks and made myself a pot of coffee and pulled a double shot of espresso. They both taste delicious and I am enjoying the fact that I have time to savor them instead of gulping them down, donning my chef togs and hustling out the door. *happy sigh*

It is COLD today. The thermometer on the deck reads at 22 degrees and a North wind is blowing something fierce. I bundled up and took the trash out to the end of the driveway and was thankful to have a warm house to return quickly to. As I was walking back inside a hound dog came rushing through the yards to sing at me in a somewhat scolding tone of voice. I stopped and watched him watching me. He was clean, well fed and had a collar and tags. He paused for a while and continued trying to tell me something at the top of his lungs and then seemed satisfied and padded on off up the street, stopping to sniff random points of interest. A neighbor's dog then called to him from another yard, so he rushed off yipping to give that dog a piece of his mind. I have to wonder about the strange life of animals and what must be going through their minds as they live near and among us.

I am not really sure what I would like to do today. I know I would enjoy heading into the city to my coffee shop and catching up on some reading. I have a few National Geographic magazines still in their wrappers that I have saved for some free time of leisurely perusal. For some reason, I only read them at my coffee shop. I am still unsure where that habit or quick came from. I don't think I will call anyone to join me though, as I would like to enjoy some solitary time today. There is a new breakfast shop that has opened in Westport and I might stop in there for a bite to eat that someone else has cooked for a change. I do wish it was a bit warmer, but a thick wool sweater and my down coat can surely ward off this wintry chill. Maybe I will bundle up eventually and start my day. Maybe I will holler at Bruce and take him to lunch and a movie. It would be great to catch up with him.

Life is good. Works is keeping me busy and I am still slowly getting over this cold/flu thing that has been hanging around for over a week now. Mornings are amusing to me because I never know what shape my voice will be in when I get up. The last few mornings I have sounded like a young Muppet when I talk, but this morning it is a deep, gravely resonant voice that sounds entirely unlike me. Maybe I should have some fun and record a new voice mail message with it? I will be glad to be back to normal health soon. Working 6 days a week has kind of extended the healing process. I am so used to my working schedule that a whole day away from it has me a little giddy. That also could be the coffee now coursing through my veins.

I really don't have much news or change to report. I am waiting for Spring to arrive and am doing all the things that I must in order to make my life run smoothly. Time away from work is quiet, filled with my own simple activities and choices. I am reading good books, slowly working my way through some movies that friends have recommended and biding my time till warm weather finally comes back to us. A huge storm is supposed to hit this week, so we shall see what that will bring. I noticed this morning that my hyacinths are cropping up in the front garden so I need to remember to cover them before Thursday. It is refreshing to see little bits of life perking back up.

My life is simple. I am content and on the mend. I am over here doing what I do and the minor complaints that I could enumerate would seem like the best of worlds for those with much less to be thankful for. I am a happy man.



  1. Probably wouldn't hurt to go ahead and cover the hyacinth's up tonight..or plan on steaming them and serving them with hollandaise :) Jacques Pepin mixed a bit of mayo with "French" mustard added what he calls a "dash" of water, some red wine vinegar, and black pepper. I think the problem with the restaurant environment and a cold/flu is the constant varying temperatures, being buffeted with all kinds of extremes and if the hoods have not been professionally cleaned recently...oi vey...restaurants...so many things to do so little time. Hope you had a good day.

  2. What a refreshing post. Wait, that sounds like your other posts are not refreshing, but this was refreshingly simple if there is such a thing.

    Not sure what this says about me, but I was intrigued and more piqued about the post once you said you slipped on your PJ pants and a comfy, worn t-shirt. I guess just picturing you under your warm comforter as it's blustery cold outside and then making the decision to leave the warmth to deal with the cold focused me on you. Honestly, the first thought that went through my mind was "Hmmmm, boxers, briefs, or nothing?" when the cold air first hit your exposed body. *Smile* No matter what you were or weren't wearing, still a great picture in my mind of you....

    Glad life is treating you well, but most important, I'm glad that you're happy. That's what I wish for you and everyone. No matter what you are or aren't doing, being happy is the key.

    Wishing you the best my man.

    Btw the pics you find are amazing. They tie-in so well and are so perfect.

  3. Thanks, man. Happiness and contentment are what we are all looking for, though some have not realized that yet. They still tie their inner peace to a person, place, thing, idea or combination of those.

    As far as sleeping goes, I cannot wear clothes in bed. I sleep most peacefully naked. It can make getting out of bed in the winter a bit challenging but on the upside, it has a way of motivating me in the morning!

    Hope you are well.