Monday, March 4, 2013

A Mother's Prayer

When Ralph Stanley sings us spiritual songs, it's like listening to a weary traveler that has been up and down nearly every road of life -- perhaps multiple times. He no longer has that smooth voice that created perfect harmonies with his brother Carter. Instead, his voice is a little shaky and obviously aged.

This song's lyric offers up a sad commentary on the spirituality ratio between men and women. For instance, you almost never hear about praying Fathers; it's always the womenfolk that wear out their kneecaps.

"A mother's prayer, more precious than gold," Stanley tells us as he thanks God for "the power of a mother's prayer."

I cannot even begin to comment on the prayers of my own Mother that have kept me alive and safe for all of these years, in spite of all my choices and fool hardy risks. I just thought I would share a song I ran across this evening that may sound just a bit different than what you all may listen to on the regular. I love you, Mom.


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