Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I cannot write about my life right now. There is too much going on and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. I will be back tomorrow to hopefully share some thoughts and events that have been occurring as well as my thoughts and ideas about it all. I am physically weary and in pain, emotionally drained and chaotic and feeling rather poorly.

This week has been a particularly trying one but I am attempting to hold it all together and accomplish each day what needs to be done. I will make it through all of this and the other side will make the light I have walked in seem before pale in comparison. Loss is a horrible thing. Contemplating mortality is draining as well. A lot on my mind, you could say.

I leave you with this short video of the magic of music that left me in tears as I watched and listened. May you all be well and never take each day and its amazing blessings for granted. I will return tomorrow after some rest. Enjoy the music. That is one of the best coins ever spent.


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