Thursday, March 21, 2013


Time to grab a few moments for coffee and words before my whirlwind of a day of begins. I posted a few short films I watched yesterday during my Operation Stay In My Pajamas day. My schedule is starting to resemble something of a standard routine, if you can call working seven days in a row for two days off "normal". It is allowing me the time to relax as I can and for that I am thankful. Instead of packing yesterday full of activity, chores and fun, I simply decided to stay home and putter around the house. I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. All too often, I pack my free time with good things that still manage to leave me exhausted by my return to work, so a clean slate with no pressing obligations was a much needed respite.

The second cup of coffee, if you can call this huge mug a "cup", is going down nicely and my day is quickly filling up with the odds and ends that adult life beckons us to, albeit somewhat reluctantly at times. In a while, I am going to head over to a friends shop and I will change my oil, filters, top off all the fluids, wash the car and get it ready for Spring. This next week we are going to install the new leather interior that I received for my birthday (thanks Mom and Dad!) and after some new tires are installed I think the little green machine will be ready for some top down driving, crazy curves, good tunes and great times. I do get so much pleasure out of my cars and driving around. It is in my blood and always will be. The bond between man and our machines run deep in my family and I am grateful and thankful for all the time spent bonding and learning with my Dad over the various cars we have restored and built over the years.

After the mechanical stuff is taken care of, I am going to head to my favorite coffee shop in the world and catch up on some reading and sipping. It looks like it is going to be a clear, sunny but cool day and I cannot think of anything better in the world to do than catch up on my stack of National Geographic, drink some amazing espresso and watch this city wake up. I might run over to say hello to Bruce for a while as Mark, his husband, has taken off for New York again, leaving him with the dogs. I do so enjoy his words and company. It is great to sit down, listen and talk to someone much more brilliant than I in order to get my wits and mind sharpened by excellent company. Good conversation and someone who can stretch your thoughts to the limit is in short supply and I always come away from our time together, refreshed and challenged to see things in my world differently. Such is the perspective of time, life, age and experience.

This afternoon I am excited to go pick up a friend from work and grab some lunch. We so need to catch up as it has been almost a year since we had some patio time to kick back, talk life, catch up on stories and reaffirm all the amazing things that make us great and close friends. He really is like a brother to me and I certainly have missed working with him over the last two years. Staying in touch can at times be more difficult as our lives get involved with a myriad of things and all the "yes" we say to other things. I am ready to grab some food, maybe a beer or two and just listen. I also need some bone crushing hugs and teasing, so that is also definitely on the to do list. :)

I am showered, shaved and dressed in my favorite broke in jeans, vintage Adidas sneaks and an old comfy oatmeal sweater. It will soon be time to throw on a wool scarf and my old distressed, leather gasoline jacket and head out the door to enjoy this day. I hope wherever you are and whatever you may doing will bring a smile to your face, a spring in your step and the assurance that you are being the best you, you can possibly be. Find your happy. The world needs more smiles. This world needs more of you.

And with that, I am off!