Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting outside

The birds outside my window this morning sound like they have been binging on freshly picked Guatemalan coffee beans. While I got to bed a bit later than usual last evening, I still find myself awakened by my body's natural rhythm long before sunrise. I do love early mornings, especially those unhampered by the traditional schedule of work and obligation. The moon was still shining brightly as I took out the trash, collected my newspaper and took a moments pause to stretch and enjoy the slowly lightening deep blue sky. When I stretched, I felt my back pop and crackle comfortably after a good nights sleep and I knew deep down inside that today was going to be a great day.

My coffee is made and I am working leisurely on my second cup. My thoughts have turned towards how to fill this day and a simple to do list has come to mind of things that I will enjoy. The weather forecast looks to be amazing, slight South Westerly breezes, fair skies, plenty of sunshine and a high of 80 degrees. Absolutely fantastic!

Today's plan of the day will include: Watch the sunrise. Wash my car. Put the top down and take a long drive around the lake. Sit on the dock and read in the sunshine. Have a breakfast picnic. Fly my kite. Write in journal. Take some pictures. Have lunch with my friends. Relax at Broadway Cafe. Take a walk in the city. Mow my yard and clean out the remaining flower beds. Eat dinner. Watch the sunset. Go to bed. In short, I plan to spend the entire day out of doors.

There is not much more on my mind but that, at the moment. My life is simple. I wouldn't have it any other way. :)


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