Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Morn

Just grabbed a few moments to put a few thoughts down before I head to work this morning. Looks to
be a busy day. I have a full hotel to feed, two CMSU sports team with their own breakfasts and a wedding party to corral and feed during their gift unwrapping party. The to do list in my head is growing.

I long for the long, slow, quiet Sunday mornings I used to have. The puttering around in the mornings, watching the sun rise, slowly waking up, choosing some comfortable clothes for the day and then driving into the city to sit at my coffee shop and watch the world wake up around me. Sitting there, listening to music, sipping a Red Eye and talking to friends usually ended and started my week in a great fashion. I am not sure when those days will return.

So I sit here and drink my coffee in silence, planning my schedule of tasks and wondering when I will get to be back outside to enjoy this amazing Spring weather that has finally arrived. Everything changes with time, I realize. I sure do miss my little sports car on a day like this, but I know the next one is right around the corner. I have the money, now I just need to find the car. Hope you all are well. Happy Sunday!


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