Monday, April 22, 2013

Goodbye and Hello!

Two days off of work and I am about to head off on a road trip to Iowa on the continuing hunt for my next car. I have looked at over 15 different cars in this past month and am really hoping that this one is THE ONE. I could bore you will all the details, specs and information about it, but I will save you the headache and confusion it would cause. Suffice it to say, it is another classic Miata, low miles, one owner and looks to be in perfect shape. This one is  Classic Red, just like my first one, but with a tan top and leather interior. It really is a combination of my last two Miatas with the red exterior of the first but the tan interior of my British Racing Green one that I lost to a wreck, almost exactly one month ago to the day.

It is hard to define why I love these little old cars so much except that they are the best driving experience I have had and are an asset to my life in so many ways. I sometimes get shit from people about driving a little "gay" car or a "girls" car, but that just lets me know they have never dropped the top on one, strapped themselves in and tackled some serious back wood hills curves on a spirited drive. I drove Mustangs for years (kept my first one), switched to Wranglers for a while and then fell in love with these little driving machines. They are the best thing to a legal go kart on the street and somehow they just fit me. I am glad that is the case because you practically wear them! :)

The sun is out, It looks to be a beautiful Spring day and I am excited to be taking a road trip to possibly add my next kid to my collection of cars. I figured I would post a couple pictures of my last two in homage and memory of the wonderful miles of smiles they brought me. They both will be sorely missed but I will never regret the amazing times and drives we had.

Wherever you may be, Happy Monday! I've got my lucky boxer briefs, jeans, t-shirt, flannel, hat and Pumas on today. I hope to be back later with great news!


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