Saturday, January 6, 2018

Simple day. Feeling Better. This morning's brew in the Moka Pot is Cafe Bustelo espresso, a change from my
usual of late, Medaglia D'Oro. In proper strength, I will rate this one delicious, though a bit more subtle roast. In the last three days, I have managed to sleep for 36 hours and I have to say I am feeling much better, though my voice still hasn't come back entirely, so I sound an odd mix of James Earl Jones and Fieval Mousekewitz. (An "American Tail" reference for you other 90's kids.)

Some strain of something bit me a few days ago and got progressively worse, but I stuck it out and just completed my routine of work and then crashed each day to sleep through till the morning, fortified of course, by some OTC meds and various vitamins and copious amounts of water. I have to say, considering, I feel pretty fantastic for a Saturday morning! I am ready to get this day started!

The day is pretty much an open book, though I do have an appointment at 11 am which might take an hour or so. I saw this morning that the Westport Flea Market (Restaurant, Best Burger in Missouri) That they are offering their burgers for for $1.99, which was the price in 1969. That is a pretty good deal and while I am not one to usually shop for specials, instead preferring to eat at home or simply dine out for whatever I am craving, I know this will appeal to the thrifty soul of my friend and his partner. When the sun is up, I will throw him a text and see if he wants to meet for a late lunch or early dinner. Same guys I saw "The Greatest Showman" with on the last day of the year. Great friends both and a huge asset and boon to my life. Odd how we met and cultivated the relationships we have, but that is a story for another day.

Body is tight. Just ran through a series of stretches and light lifts and it tells that I have been lying immobile for quiet some time over the last three days. Odd how while growing up, I never considered my body and its daily performance, as it always did what I asked and more without any real maintenance needed. As time goes by, I am learning that not playing sports on the daily certainly takes its toll on even some of the simplest tasks, so this past year has found me working out more and more. It is good to see gains and improvements and would be pretty neat to be able to fit into my original uniforms from the Navy at year end. My frame is still the same, though I have added a lot more mass to my shoulders and legs over the years. We shall see.

I think a visit to my favorite local coffee shop is in order this morning. It has been a while since I sat, caught up with local regulars and simply watched the city wake up from the much loved vantage point. Maybe some reading in one of the books I am working on and simply taking in the both familiar and new sights of faces known and new. I believe that works for this morning. I wish it was warm enough to wash and wax the car, but I will save that for the warmer weather tomorrow.

It is good to be writing again, though I can decipher that my skills have waned and I am not yet ready to delve into the world of emotion and experience that often marked my last scribings here. All in good time I guess? It is kind of like anything, it takes practice to keep on top of it and I am certainly a bit rusty, but am glad to be exercising these free thinking mental muscles again. When words flow, it's a good thing.

Not a lot of note this morning from me. I am just getting back in the swing of things and doing some R and R with the body in recovery from whatever bug it was that got me. All is well here and I am sure something will strike me today that I will share later. Coffee, appointment, some football and burgers with friends. Sounds like a good and simple day. Cheers!


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