Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long ass day...

Just home from work this morning. What a day! Had three of my servers call in, so I ended up taking care of a sixty person banquet by myself. That was a challenge and feat of organization! I must say, it went rather smoothly and I certainly earned my money today. The group was great and understood that I had my hands full and they had a great lunch and took care of me well. Trying to feed that many people four courses with drinks and dessert was...hard. I ended up sweating so hard that my nipples got chaffed on my undershirt! Took a long shower and feel sooooo much better. I love being clean! :)

I am glad to be home. The sun was out on the drive back and it felt good to roll the windows down and blast some music. Stopped by 54th Street to visit for a minute with some friends and had a beer. That hit the spot. Now I am going to knock out some house keeping and get ready for a day off of work. Tomorrow looks to be interesting as it is filling up fast. Will be meeting with Tom from church about the new guys group he started, lunch with David and his friend who is the director of a youth homeless shelter, hope to squeeze some time with Stephen in there and then a big dinner at church tomorrow night. I bet I will be worn out by tomorrow night! Looking forward to it all, though.

Everything is turned in for school and now the wait for more information begins. If all goes as planned, I will be moving down to the university in August and I have a lot of life and fun to pack in before I take up being a full time college student again. I am excited but terrified all at the same time. It is hard to believe that all the pieces are falling into order for me to pursue this dream I have always had of becoming a Chef. The bachelors degree I am pursuing will be in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but my minor will be in Culinary. How to fit all the trips and stuff into that short of time this spring and summer? I dunno, but I am sure going to try!

Simply having some nice weather helps with my attitude and emotions so much. It has been a long hard winter and I am ready for some shorts and t-shirt weather. Plus, with the warm temps comes the promise of the boys of summer sporting nice legs, easy smiles and bare chests. Sorry...I think I will always be a meat gazer.

So yeah...feeling pretty good about life, at the moment. I think maybe in my next post I am going to tackle something I have been thinking on for a while.


Thoughts, ideas, questions, advice?



  1. Your gonna be a chef?! im so jealous, I ran a cafe this summer and it was such a rewarding experience I cannot explain how much fun it was. I love the hard work and creativity coupled in a way that other people can appreciate it! I hope your transition goes well and I can't wait to hear what nummy things your cooking up!!

  2. I hate "Long Ass" days. I can't keep my pants up because my butt keeps wanting to drag on the ground. Sure enough, as soon as I get them off, my butt falls right on the floor. It takes hours to get everything glued back into place and holding.