Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Okay..so the song is Gay. Get over it! :)

Woke up this morning at 5 am and surveyed the day. Sun to be out, body feels rested, some work for the hands. Caught up on my news, texted a few friends and then hit my to do list. The car is clean! WhooHoo! I was sick and tired of driving dirty machines. For some reason a clean car is like a new hair cut for me. Everything seems right with the world, the sun is brighter, my smile is wider and life is good. I guess it really is the simple things in life that often bring a smile to my face. :)

Now just taking a short break to make some coffee and wrap my head around the banquet I have to captain this morning. These people (a business networking group of young professionals) is a total PITA. (Pain in the Ass) I have to deal with them every week and I usually dread it, but I have now made it my personal mission to master these fools and get them in and out in an orderly and smooth fashion. It basically is like balancing a basket full of cats that are clad in razor blades with gigantic egos on my head while juggling cracked eggs...NAKED! If but for the fact that many of the guys are smoking hot and nice to me, I would walk away and hand them over to another lead server. The money is great, sure, but that is not what motivates me. I see this as a puzzle to solve and I am not giving up until we have one successful week without some of the drama and bullshit that always seems to ensue.

Hmm...time to shower and shave and get my day going. I love this song by Cher that came out in 1998. I still remember where I was on the dance floor in Chicago the first time I heard it and it still speaks to me. Seemed rather fitting after a solitary Valentines day shared with other single friends. I do believe. I hope you do too.

I will catch up on my life here later but time is running thin. I hope you are all well and I have some interesting things going on this week that I will write on later. A new ministry at church to get involved in, a possibility of partnership and service with the homeless youth in my city, all good things to fill my life with until school beckons and I hit the road again. Got some trips booked for this spring and summer, so it is looking like a great year already!

See what a clean car can do for my attitude? Now I have to go dance in the shower! Ciao!


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