Thursday, September 1, 2011


Just woke up from a five hour nap to see a friends face on the television as he announced his lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Church for sexual molestation and abuse.

Came home from work, fixed lunch and laid down for a nap that lasted five hours.

Went to our guys dinner the other night and had finally had enough of the remarks and attitude from my so called "Christian" friends. So I left, came home, de-friended them all, erased their numbers and am going on with my life without the baggage.

While driving home from work, I got a phone call from Michael, my ex. We talked and have been texting the last few days. Taking him to dinner this Sunday night. Incredibly excited but cautiously reserved. I still love this guy.

Left shoulder still wicked sore from a work out. Been favoring it the last few days. Ibuprofen not doing the trick. Doctor after the weekend.

Holiday coming up and found out today I will be working Monday. Five hundred person wedding feast. Better to be making it then spending it I guess? Bugger...

Parents and family headed back East for the National Congress and our annual family vacation. Will not be joining them. A bit sad. I miss New England and all my society peeps and family. Maybe next year. :(

Got a pool party and a lot of other things scheduled to fill my time. Not going back to that church or any church for a while. Just want them to pay me my money and leave me alone.

Trevor (guy of the month) leaves tomorrow. Bittersweet. Going to miss that kid.

If you found my blog through Twitter, welcome! Feel free to look around. Just scraps of my life I throw up here while trying to process and figure stuff out.

Other than that...I got nothing.


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