Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday!

I just woke up on this Friday morning and am slowly getting around. The coffee is brewing, the bed is made, vitamins taken, all the usual patterns of waking up and starting my days. Yesterday was so warm I had the top off on the car but it looks like today that Winter has returned for another visit, cold and incredibly windy. I can live with that.

Tonight I have a lot of plans, so it will be a good day, but the first part of the day is all mine. I will of course be headed into the city to grab some coffee and read for a while and I guess I will just figure it out after that. I need to work out later, but I still don't have the motivation to get running again while it is so cold. Maybe if this guy stretching out were running in front of me? I'd stretch out with him...for sure! :)

I have to meet Geoff at 4:00 pm for a benefit we are attending for a friend who is moving. It is a charity auction and fundraiser to help him with financially with the transition to his new city and he will certainly be missed. After that we are going to opening night of a new play at Brian's theater and I am excited about that. I have known Geoff for over 12 years and am so glad that he is a part of my life. It will be good to have two of my best guys in the same place at the same time and they get along great, which is a fantastic thing.

I have no idea what I am writing about. I guess I am just rambling about my day. Nothing too heavy or pressing on my mind. Life is good. Family, relationship, church, friends, all the usual things are ticking right along. I did receive two different offers this past week for positions at companies I had interviewed at, so am debating the differences of each and also trying to discern how committed I want to be to employment. Work and a schedule is something that helps me keep my life on track, but I have also enjoyed my pause from it all for a while. A mini sabbatical, if you will. I do not have to make a decision till this next week, so we shall see.

That is really about the only things on my mind, at the moment. I need to cut my hair, hop in the shower, drink some pre-coffee, get dressed and head into the city. Happy Friday, everyone! I will be back when I have more to say, just been busy with life, and that is a good thing in my book. Ciao!


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