Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A new boyfriend

Maybe I am just in a writing mood today? I know as I sip my first cup of coffee and put my feet up, I am inspired today to get out and take pictures. The car is clean. I have a fresh haircut. I got plenty of sleep. I dunno? I feel a bit creative, I guess?

So, as some may have noted, I am no longer with Michael. I am not going to write about that right now, and I really am not in a place to answer any questions about it. I met with Tom, a mentor of mine, on Saturday and finally downloaded the past four months with him and received not only a compassionate and listening ear, but also some good practical advice and loving encouragement. He is an amazing soul. Michael and I remain fast friends, but the future that we were planning was not to be, for many different reasons and expectation on both sides of the relationship. I will always love him, as he will me, but the outcome we were expecting and trying to build was not compatible with our current life status, and with that, I will leave it rest for the time being.

This last month, in January, I celebrated my birthday. Through a series of events on that day, I met the guy I am currently dating. I was not looking for another boyfriend or relationship but we also do not get to pick the timing that some people enter our lives. He is no stranger, given the fact that our social circles have mingled and overlapped since we were 18 years old, but we had never been in the same space and point in life to share any time and actually get to communicate. He has known me for years, usually from a distance and told me that he always wondered what my story was and is. He knows my friends and is aware of some of the details of my life, as it pertains to my community and civic involvement, but we were never more than casual acquaintances, familiar faces at events and around town. I had noticed him before but to be honest, was never available, so I tend to limit my interaction with guys I find to be attractive when I am in a relationship.

So, at my birthday party, he happened to be there, invited by some mutual friends and long story short, I ended up spending the night at his house, as I was unable/unwilling to drive. He didn't "pick me up" or anything so sordid, but happened to be in the right place at the right time to rescue me from myself. After lots of good food and way too many birthday shots, as my friends began to leave, I was being passed off to the next round of babysitters until we were down to my core of close friends. I decided that I wanted to leave and kept vanishing from the group and they kept tracking me down. Common sense, when I am rather buzzed, is not my strong suit. Brian kept tracking me down. I had escaped to my car several times, a wasted effort as I had no keys in my possession, and each time he would come out and talk to me. He finally convinced me to join him for breakfast. The comment that I made to Geoff and Randy I believe was, "He is beautiful but talks a lot and has to go!" *smirk*

I guess he cut through my haze and got my attention earlier in the night when he came out on the deck and started listening to me "hold court" and ramble about random crap to my friends in my rather "happy" state. My friends could tell he was interested in me, so introduced us to each other and then kind of faded away. It was about that time that he shut me up by simply leaning in and kissing me. I was surprised. I was happy. I may have bit him. Making out ensued. A tad common, I know, but it was romantic in its own silly guy kind of way. So when he asked to take me to breakfast later, I thought, why not?

We went to a local breakfast joint and spent some time eating, talking and that sobered me up quite a bit. I decided it still was not a good idea for me to drive (and I didn't want him to go) so he offered to take me to his house and let me sleep. I accepted.

He is a gentleman. He is smart. He has a huge and loving heart. He is emotionally and physically available. We share the same faith. He respects and loves me and himself. I did not make the decision to date him that night, or even that next morning. We did not have sex but we did stay up for hours talking. One of those rare conversations that happen at certain times in our lives. We slept. We got up. We went on with our lives. But we had met.

Later that week, I called him and asked to buy him some food, in appreciation for his gallantry and thoughtfulness, plus, he had bought me breakfast, so I felt that I should return the favor. (I also really wanted to see him again) He agreed, and so I took him to a local place in Brookside that I love. When I picked him up, as we drove through the Plaza, he looked over at me, smiled and jokingly said, "Oh, look! We are on a date!" and grabbed my hand. Up to that point, I didn't know we were on a date, but once he told me, I sure did grin my face off. He had the pork chops. I had a steak. We talked and smiled a lot. I took him home. I gave him a kiss. I went home. It was seriously old fashioned. I liked it. :)

So yeah, I have a new boyfriend. His name is Brian. He has dark eyes and hair, an amazing smile, a fantastic body and kind and gentle soul. He makes me smile. He listens to me. He explains himself in words I can understand. He took me to dinner and a play. We are moving slow. I really like him. He likes me.

I am excited and happy. That is all I have to say right now.


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