Monday, November 26, 2012

All is well

Sometimes I log on here and wish more people were writing, so I would have more to read. Kind of like now. Then I thought, I haven't been writing much lately myself, so maybe other people feel the same way. I can't say that I have a lot on my mind or some pressing concern, but that has never stopped me from rambling before.

I had today off of work. I consider Monday and Tuesday my Saturday and Sunday, or weekend, so that makes Sunday night my Friday night. Did you catch all that? So Sunday afternoon I got together with a huge group of my friends for two reasons. The first was the watch the Chiefs play the Broncos. I can't say that I am a huge sports fan, but I do like to watch a good close game and they didn't disappoint. Sure we got our asses handed to us, as we have all season, but we had a good time whooping and hollering and wishing, even just for a moment that our home team might win.

The other reason was to celebrate Bootsie's birthday. Now that isn't his real name, but a nickname he has always used whose origins are kind of lost to lore and time. Who cares how he got it, the fact is, he is an awesome guy and does so much for our community and group of friends year in and year out. I have known him since I was around 18 years old and him, his huge smile and fantastically dapper dress hats have been a part of the tapestry of my life. His husband of 26 years passed away this last spring and we have all rallied for him as he dealt with loss. He never stopped volunteering, cooking, organizing and helping out all the different organizations and people who rely on him through it all. Needless to say, it was a HUGE party. Michael let us use his club to have the party at and by the time the game was over the place was packed! Tons of food, friends, stories and good times. I have to say, it was really good to see some of the guys I had missed and reconnect with old friends. This may not be the best place in the world to live but I can say that this community and group of people truly love each other, watch out for each other and celebrate life together in a way that warms my heart. It was a really great afternoon and evening. All the scoundrels I know and love were there and wouldn't stop buying me shots, so by the time my friends wrangled me to the car, I was feeling no pain! It felt good to just relax and let someone else be responsible for a change. :)

Today I just took it easy. Slept in, read some, watched a movie, cooked good food and rested. I am learning that I don't recover from a party quite as fast as I used to and it was good to have some peace and quiet. I woke up and discovered that I had a flat tire on my car. I had noticed it looked a bit low after work yesterday, but figured I would air it up after the party. Turns out I had picked up a sheet metal screw in the front right treads so I pulled it into the garage, popped the tire off and ran it up to my buddy Jack's shop. If I have to have a flat tire, this was the best way to have it. At home, in the driveway, adjacent to tools, with an air compressor, jack and everything I need to handle the problem close at hand. Jack fixed it for free, which rocked so I will be taking him and the guys lunch some time this next week as a thank you. A large deli platter of meats, cheeses and breads should do the trick. I am thankful for all the ways he has helped me out with my various machines over the years.

Well look at that! This page is filling up with words, dinner is almost ready and the laundry is halfway done. Not bad for lack of inspiration. I hope you all are well, wherever you are and that the holidays were enjoyed with family and friends. I know we had a great time. It was really one of the best family events we have had in a long while. My little niece completely cracks me up. Even at five years old, she is a pistol! I guess it is time to go eat and relax for the evening so I will wrap this up. Tomorrow I think I might just start in on my Christmas decorating! Ciao for now.


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