Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Prep

Today is going to be a whirlwind of activity, at least for a day off from work. My "vacation" is drawing to a close and I have to say I have certainly enjoyed it. I took a short trip across state to St. Louis for some family (Mayflower Society Luncheon) and friends (buddies I haven't seen for a few years) stuff. I bought a new lawnmower (a Craftsman in bright red) and mulched all my leaves in the yard yesterday. I then managed to find the time to hang out with my friends here in KC (out for a few beers and shooting pool), got some inside work done around the house (ie cleaning and organizing), relaxed and slept in each day(at least till 6 am)  read a lot (new books from the Library), watched a few interesting movies and composed the longest run on sentence I can ever remember just right now. :)

As I sat down to write this, my thoughts flipped quickly back to this last year and the where and who I was at the time. Michael and I were together, slowly getting more serious and just entering the holiday season again. Hard to believe the massive changes even one year can make two people's lives. I am going to leave that line of thought and sentiment alone right now, just for my heart and mind's sake. I know he is well and for that I am thankful.

So...I have been kind of scrapping together a mental to do list for this day as I wait for my brain to boot up. I go back to work briefly tomorrow morning to cook breakfast for the hotel guests(happy, happy, joy, joy) and then will be headed out to my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday with the family. It will just be immediate family this year, which is a relief. The massive holidays spent at the farm with everyone, their families and children were amazing growing up, but as I get older, they aren't exactly something I look forward to anymore. They just aren't the same without Grandpa and Grandma around.

The short list: Bake Pumpkin Ginger Bread, bake Apple and Pumpkin pies, finish thawing/prepping the Turkey, wash my car and hit the store for a bag of Yukon Gold potatoes and fresh Green Beans. I think I can prolly get all that done before noon or so, if I hop to it now.  We all pitch in and bring everything we need to put the meal together in order to give my Mom a break from cooking, though she always manages to get in the middle of it all and add her special touches with love. I am looking forward to seeing my Dad, Mom and siblings all in the same place at the same time! We so rarely get together as our lives have become more busy and involved over the years. Tomorrow will be a great day for all of us to cook together, sit down, relax and eat a meal at the same table and catch up on what this past year has been for us all. It would have been nice to have the whole day off as well, but I am thankful for the five days I had off before the Holiday. I can't remember a more relaxing time in a long while.

Well, it's time to make some coffee and get cracking in my kitchen here at home. Wherever you are, and whatever your plans may be for this Holiday, I hope that you can find something or many things to be thankful for. Families, whether blood or creation, are never perfect. I don't think they are supposed to be. Whomever you are with or not with, know that you are not alone. I think that is something to really be grateful for.


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  1. That was a very nice post. Enjoy your time with your family.