Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Morning moment

I am waking up slowly this day. A full, fragrant cup of coffee leisurely sipped and white frost on the panes of glass that are letting the golden sunshine seep in. I blink my eyes methodically and allow the quiet music to find its way into my mind. Sleeping in and waking to a natural rhythm has found me rested and I wonder what this day might hold. It will be what I make of it.

A small list of things to do, tagged to the refrigerator door with a whimsical magnet brought to me by a friend is all that beckons for my time. Easily accomplished and then what? I may just wander a bit today. I would like to see some art, maybe sit a spell at the coffee shop and look at strangers. Everyone bundles up more when the weather turns and in all the stamping of feet, chuffing and rosy cheeks, I find a certain cheer. I do have a new National Geographic magazine to read, which has turned into a Broadway Cafe tradition. My Mom buys me a subscription each year for Christmas. I, in turn read them at the coffee shop and then leave them there to be shared with and enjoyed by others. I might even just wear a scarf.

I think I will spend this day with myself. Enjoy my solitary time. Maybe take out my Christmas decorations and look at them. I cannot yet tell if it is time to decorate and put up the tree. I will not be rushed into this season by the overzealous retailers or the strange whimsy of friends that already are ready for the holiday. Strange folks, rushing from celebration to the next. I appreciate the time in between. That time of pause and reflection after Thanksgiving and before the beginning of Advent. It would be nice to go to church this Sunday. I may plan on that after working that morning.

A bit more coffee and reflection time and I will start my day. A long hot shower, a clean shave, pick up my room a bit and make my bed. It is time to put on an blanket and switch to my down comforter. Last nights bundling up and the tangle of sheets and pillows left this morning tell me that the cold is here to stay. It never hurts to have a warm nest, even when there is no one to share it with. Long nights, good books and restful sleep. It is a good recipe for morning smiles. I know these words are just tumbling out but they feel nice. To not ponder and wrest over them but let them scatter and plink down, like a handful of change onto a plate. Pleasant.


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