Saturday, July 9, 2011


Just woke up from a amazing late day nap. Trying to figure out what to do schedule has been fracked lately? I guess I sleep when I am tired and live when I am not. Still been putting in the early morning hours in the kitchen. This is turning out to be a great gig. Lot of hard work, but feels like I am getting paid to play.

Read a cool book over my weekend. "Letters to a Young Chef" by Daniel Boulud. Total inspiration and gave me a lot to think about. He gave me a label I can be happy with. I am a Stagiaire. It roughly translates into the idea of a young chef in training who serves and works with his executive chef over the course of the years to learn the art and craft that is all things food. Sounds pretty trippy, huh? Wish I actually knew how to pronounce it!

That break from writing here was good for me. Got to spend some time investing in real life and all the new friends that this summer has brought me. Just shutting down a bit and taking things in helped put a lot of perspective on what is important to me and how to go about working this plan that I call my world.

Did some shopping yesterday for the first time in ages. Bought some new killer headphones,  the Aviator, by Skullcandy ( freakin' beautiful and amazing sound) and a new shirt down at J. Crew. (said hi to Skyler while I was there) Rocked them both all over town and then hung with Lucas for beers and noshing at our usual haunt. They know what booth we want

Things are still a bit wonky with James. Working on it and am honoring his request not to write about it until we get some stuff settled. He is doing great and continues to be that ray of sunshine that makes my face light up each and every day.  Hell, just typing his name made me grin like an idiot :)

Hmm...had a huge picnic at my new church. Fan, fucking, tastic. Ultimate frisbee, obstacle courses, killer food, new friends...all good stuff.

Summer is in full tilt here. Wicked hot and getting worse. Only drop the top on the car in the morning and night now, otherwise its full time AC to keep my nutz cool and from sticking to my leg.

Hope you all are well. I know that lil' break helped me. Will get down to some serious writing some time this next week. Got work, church and the the Ben Folds concert tomorrow. Ciao!


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  1. I think the guy on top is missing something lol. Sounds like your career is going well and it is nice to hear someone who enjoys his job. That special guy who lights up your life like a ray of sunshine is what makes life worth living. Sometimes these summer days are just too hot; air-conditioning or the beach is the answer. - Wayne :)