Monday, July 25, 2011

A day off

Today I had the distinct pleasure of NOT having to go to work. While I was to have two days off in a row, it seems as if I will be working tomorrow as well, which made my free time all the sweeter.

Got to sleep in, to the late hour of eight am, and then basically took the day as it came. Got some laundry done and cleaning around the house. Spent some time sitting outside and smiling about nothing at all. Got cleaned up and headed into the city to read at my coffee shop and people watch. Listened to some cool tunes and danced by myself on the sidewalk.

Lucas gave me a yell, so ran over to his loft and we chilled on the couches and watched the city laze by in the glowering heat that is this summer. Feet up and sipping iced tea we caught up on life and generally jabbered at each other, like we enjoy.

Headed out and went over to sip a brew or two with friends and then out to dinner, by myself for a change. James is out of town in Chicago for a while, so I have the time and space to just enjoy being me, which I have sorely missed and did not realize.

Came home and figured I would post a simple update. Life is going well and I am enjoying things as they come. Relatively uninspired writing, I know, but a drama free life is a happy one.

Wish I had more to say right now, but kind of lost in my own thoughts about my present and the future. I guess when I know what's on my mind, I'll write it. Ciao!


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  1. Your post is the definition of what a day off is supposed to be. Some people get so stressed out on their free time that they go back to work to relax lol. - Wayne :)