Wednesday, July 13, 2011


If this is the anti-gay propaganda that the older generation in America was exposed to growing up, it is no wonder that they equate gay people with pedophiles. They were taught these ideas and truth from a very young age by the educational system, the role models in their lives and even more damaging, by their churches.

Watching this old "educational film" that a friend sent me made my heart hurt. :(

This explains a lot of the self loathing and internalized homophobia that many older gay guys have as well. What in the world did the gay guys think as they were growing up when they were told they were mentally ill contagious people who preyed on children for sex and then murdered them?

The people who perpetrated this horrible, hateful filth on a young impressionable audience should be brought to justice.


  1. I appreciate you sharing this video with us. It really helps to put so many things into perspective. My mom grew up in the era when this video would have been taught in school. For people like her, they haven't had anything to prove anything contrary to this propaganda. The sad thing is that this message is still used to this day by the Religious Right and people still believe it.

  2. The word 'pedophile' did not come into common usage until the '80s when the sex offence laws were revamped to make it easier to put men in jail for so-called sex offences (both in the USA and Canada), a result of political pandering for the female vote. Men are now rail-roaded through the courts on sex charges with little or no evidence and are found guilty on 'credibility', and of course the dreaded sex offender persecution registry is waiting. Women these days will accuse a man of a sex offence at the drop of a hat and go for the civil suit. Previously a psychiatric term (boy-lovers were called 'pederasts' in the 1800's, Google Oscar Wilde) it was embraced by the feminist movement to use as a weapon against men and the witch-hunts began and continue to this day.
    -In their eagerness to brand gays as pedophiles, heterosexuals ignore the statistics that most offences are committed against young girls by family members or friends, and heterosexual prostitution is rife with under-age girls. Any person who rapes and murders a child is a psychopath not a pedophile or gay person.
    -Here in Canada we have the odious Sect 274 of the Criminal Code of Canada which states that NO PROOF is required for conviction for ANY sex offence. (if you don't believe me I invite you to Google it) Sex offence convictions (98% men) went from 500 a year to 6-7 thousand a year in Canada in the '80s. Where do all these victims come from who are so easily forced to have sex?
    -Sex offences can be anything from fondling to rape but they are all called 'sexual assault' with no differentiation; consensual sex with an underage person is called 'sexual assault' so the public thinks these are all cases of forcible rape which are actually a very small percentage. To force someone to have sex against their will is a difficult thing to do.
    -So I would call this vid a typical bigoted 'disinformation' bit of propaganda. In this Internet age we now know better. - Wayne

  3. I agree with Wayne about how easy it is to accuse someone of sexual abuse. I know someone who was accused by his former girlfriend of abusing kids. He didn't do it, but the courts kept at him for a little over a year, until his former girlfriend finally admitted she'd just made it all up to get back at him.

    As for the film, it really is pathetic. The message it presents is so clear: homosexuals are kid killing rapists. I'm glad we don't have to put up with this sort of crap being taught in schools now.