Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life update, kind of.

What a strange day, indeed. This was the original plan. Work, nap, lunch with my pastor, dinner with friends then our guys group from church. This is what happened. Work, no lunch with Kyle, (he had to run down to Oklahoma) fell fast asleep, missed dinner and our Bible study, woke up to all kinds of voice mails, put out fires all night with family and friends, now doing laundry and cleaning my house at one in the morning.  I would wash my car but the pressure washer, even in the garage is kind of loud.

So, stuff on my mind that I haven't got out here lately. Got propositioned  last week at work by one of my guys. Out of the blue. Basically  he wanted a sexual relationship with no strings. He's bi and has a girlfriend.  I am with James. That was all kinds of crazy to put to rest. I pointed out the relationships we both have and how unethical it would be on those grounds as well as work place rules and our differing positions. He seemed to take it well and I worked with him today. Kind of subdued but I kept it professional and didn't bring it up. He has to feel a bit rejected and that is understandable, but hell, he is only 20 years old. Kind of sucks that the first thing that popped into my head was...I could get away with this. Kind of shows me where I need to mature and grow spiritually and socially. He is really cute and certainly one of my types...moving on!

Besides that work is going well. My GM have fell into a great rhythm of getting things done and covering the absence of an executive chef for the short term. The team has pulled together and besides us all working 7 days a week, we are seeing some good success. We certainly are going to have to take on more partners and employees in the near future cause this is kicking my tail.

Church, huh. I am stuck between two places. Jacobs Well, where I have been for at least 4 years and the new one I have been visiting with my friends. Not sure where I belong and kind of torn. Still not really sure on what to make of all. Maybe I will revisit this later when I get some clarity.

Socially things are going great. All my guys have really pulled together tight this summer and the friendships and experiences we have are the highlight of my life. Man, I am so blessed to have such an awesome group that love me and support me, even as different as we all are. I guess I am kind of the token gay a lot, but I am okay with that. A lot less drama in the str8 world, at least that I have to deal with. :)

Family is good right now. Dad and Mom are headed back to the East Coast for a few months. It is getting to be that time of year and they love New England in the Fall. The National Congress of Mayflower Descendants is meeting and my Dad will be representing our states colony. I was supposed to go, as the Governor, but I have too much on my plate to set aside two weeks. I will certainly miss being up on the Cape, P-town, Boston and Plymouth this year but I really need to buckle down and work some stuff out here at home. Maybe a vacation for me later in the Fall. I know they are going to have a great time. friend Jeremy premiered his film this past week.  The Wolf and the Medallion. It was an amazing event. Counting down the hours till the show was hilarious and nerve wracking. It was a sold out crowd and the performance was inspiring and breath taking. Andy wrote the film score and it was performed live during the screening. It is hard to believe that the kid I grew up with has turned out to be such an amazing human and artist. You have come a long way since the playground, Jer. Love you, man. You never cease to amaze and push me to greater things.

Crap, I am getting tired now again. Working the next 8 days straight. That day off felt so good.  James is still in Chicago. Miss him so much...grrr! I guess I better get my tail in gear and get some stuff done before I have to head out at 4 am. I hope things are well with you all and that life is treating you right. Ciao!


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  1. I am wondering what your churches' position is on homosexuality and how you deal with that. Kind of hard on the head.
    - If you are a gay guy then I would advise having nothing to do with a 'bi' person already in a relationship with the opposite sex. I believe that there are too many gay guys around claiming 'bisexuality' so they can be 'respectable' in straight society. He wants his cake and eat it too. You of course will be the 'evil' gay guy who destroys his straight relationship when it is found out. Lots of middle-aged guys with families in nasty and expensive divorces because of this scenario (including politicians and religious figures recently in the news; can you say 'hypocrisy'?). Stick with 100% gay guys and guilt-free sex. If a guy wants to deny his sexuality and deceive a girl, well he made his bed and he can lay in it.
    -Nice summer here; going out for a bike ride to visit friends. - Wayne :)