Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Hot! off work early! Woohoo! That was an unexpected surprise. Came home and been hiding inside from the heat this afternoon and early evening. It is over 100 degrees outside and the heat index is over 112! That is some serious heat. So thankful for the luxury of air conditioning both in my house and cars. Outside the heat gets incredible which makes my balls hang so low I almost sat on them or I am forever peeling my  nut sack off my leg when it gets stuck. Nice visual...I know. Sorry. Stretching out bare ass naked on cool, crisp sheets in a dark, quiet room with a breeze blowing over my legs and chest makes this guy grin really wide then stretch so hard my toes and back pop and sigh contentedly. Ahhhh...

Kind of nice having some time to unwind. I decided to take a nap and then ended up wasting too much time reading a book and then jacking off to get the actual nap in. I was busy having an marathon sesh and wtf?! The doorbell starts ringing. I ignored it and then they start knocking! Grrrr.... I threw on some cargo shorts on my hips, stuffed my hardon into them and tromped to the door to see who it was. Not a happy camper. Ended up being my mail guy and I had to sign for some certified package! After taking his pen, I realized my hands were still all slicked up with lube, oops, and that I was leaking a pretty bad  spot on the front of my shorts. with it. You are the one who interrupted me! Once I got rid of him (three signatures, sign and print...really?) at least I could go back and finish in peace.  So I did. :)

Got up after laying there for an hour or so in that kind of half awake/glowing/contented state and made myself a snack. Toasted ravioli and pesto mozzarella cheese cubes. Om, nom, nom. They were so good, I actually just wolfed them down as they cooked and never had to sit down to snack. I am such a dog sometimes. Jumped online and caught up on my news. Was briefly inspired to go practice piano for a while, then realized that I would rather just be idle then engage my brain. Ever have one of those days?

So lets see...I have the night off now and need to figure out what I am going to do before everyone starts blowing my phone up. Maybe I will just let the guys decide and tag along for once. Mental note: still need to buy tickets to my friends movie that opens this Saturday. Great, now I am yawning and its already past 6 pm. Guess I might call it an early night?

Nothing really deep is popping into my head, so I am going to wrap this up. Hello to my new followers! Thanks for coming by and checking my space out. A big thanks to all the guys who have been here all along. All your input and help along the way has been great. Even though we may not all agree, I can take something good and useful away with my from all of our exchanges.

Thinking about maybe putting a question and answer section on here, but not sure how and it makes me wonder what kind of questions I would get asked. I know I wonder about the different people that I read. Food for thought I guess?


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  1. Yeah the heat wave in the USA is really brutal; I'm on the east coast of Canada and the temps are a balmy 70-85 degrees F; eat your heart out. I'm sitting in my underwear though cos it's 80 in my room as I am typing this. (I'm 5'-8 and 160lbs mostly muscle so don't think I am a fat old perv lol) Motorcycling and mountain biking today, and tomorrow is my work-out routine then to the beach; not bad for a retired gay guy. Yeah I still draw off a batch occasionally too so don't think sexuality ends at 40.
    -You could probably do the Formspring thing for Q&A but you will probably get a lot of dirty questions and wrongly blame me lol. - Wayne :)