Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am awake

Woke up at 5 am, right on the dot and laid there for a moment. My white noise generator softly masked most sounds and my ears strained to hear if it was actually raining outside or if that was merely the remnants of a dream. No rain just wind this morning.

Haven't been writing much lately here. My journal has been taking the brunt of most of my emotionally creative outlet, that and the friends that are so willing to lend a listening ear. Life has been strange but good.

I have two days off now and hope to get some rest in as well as spend time with those I love and care about. This morning will be coffee shop, long drive around the lake with the top down, a walk on the Plaza and then church. Yeah, even with the current faith crisis, I still find myself at church each week. Go figure, I am inconsistent on a consistent and predictable basis, if that is possible.

This afternoon I am picking Michael up and the rest of the day will be about and for him. We both have had a long week at work and I am looking forward to what he has planned and hanging out. :)

Not a whole lot on my mind this morning, just figured I would let you all know I am alive, healthy and well. Guess I will be back when I have more to say about something. Ciao!


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