Monday, October 31, 2011

Goodbye October

I slept in a bit today and have been awake for about an hour now. Went outside this morning in a pair of jeans, a hoodie and stood barefoot in the beginning of the cool last day of October chill.

 The leaves were whispering to me and I arched my back, threw my head up and exhaled straight up into the sky and listened to my back and toes pop and crackle as I stretched as hard as I could towards that sky. My breathe stood in the air, for a moment, like a wisp of smoke that promised to stay then dissipated with a quiet smile and light wave.

The neighborhood was still. No one yet stirred in their beds and the sky still dark as the last leaving stars winked to me. There is an expectancy and hush that comes with these seasons as they change. A curling of time that lets us know: be still, gather yourself and prepare...for winter comes.

When comes the dawn?

I wait.


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