Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pushing Water for Time

The days are rushing past me, it seems, and suddenly I find myself here at the end of October already. Fall is making its presence known in the changing colors of the leaves, with every sigh and rustle of wind that stirs the leaves down the streets and in the crisp mornings and cool evenings that seem to beg for a warm woolen sweater.

These days seem to pass all the quicker as my life becomes both more simple and full. The mornings and days are filled with work that I love and in sharing life with those I hold closest to my heart. The smiles come easy and the laughter seems to be shared air that keeps us all in tune with each other.

Yesterday my time after work was spent detailing Michael's car and getting it ready for the soon coming Midwestern winter. I did the washing and he the rinsing and then we worked all over the machine, putting on a total of three coats of glazing polish, carnuba wax and high gloss sealant. In the end, while we were tired, it was a gleaming example of fine German engineering and of what two guys can do when they work together. The time flew and while I do not remember all of what we talked about, I know I enjoyed the laughter and smiles of spending life with someone that I love more and more each day.

He took me to dinner and then we went to a car show and simply wandered around all the different vehicles, examining them and discussing a simple shared passion. We got to spend time with my Dad and I am so glad that those two get along so very well. This slow, steady transition into my family over the years has been seamless and I know he loves belonging here. He fits in a way and in a space he never found in his own family and for that I am all the more grateful and thankful for my amazing parents and siblings. We love each other and know how to love others. That is a gift that I can never take for granted.

This morning found me awake at four am and now I am coming alive, sipping my first cup of coffee and contemplating two whole days off of work with nothing planned and no worries about that at all. I  realize that I have been lax in my writing here, but considering recent life events, I have been engrossed and busy elsewhere. Today will bring me to my coffee shop in a few hours and then church and the ensuing flurry of activity that always find me on Sundays. While it is a day of rest for many, I always find it full of the things and people that I love and enjoy. A manic kind of rest, if you will.

My mind is at peace, my body is pleasantly sore and I think it is time to start my day. Hit the shower, throw on some clothes and slip out alone for some time driving around the country side and enjoy the coming sunrise. I hope you are all well and that today finds you with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a song on your lips.

Life is a beautiful thing.

Make it Magnificent.


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