Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ill and looking backwards

I haven't been feeling well since Sunday afternoon. To tell the truth,  I have been downright sick and stuck in bed. Some kind of bug I picked up that has wrung me out. Weak and feverish, not able to keep food down and generally miserable. Real attractive, I know! At least I have been able to sleep and rest and am feeling a bit better tonight. It has pretty much screwed up all the birthday plans this week, thus far, but I hope to be back on my feet, at least marginally tomorrow night. We have most of the celebrating stuff shoved back to the weekend, so hopefully, I will be fit and fine by then.

Took some time today to read back through a few years of my journals as well as my blog here. Now I am in a weird mood. I mean, I read some of this stuff and don't remember writing any of it at all? Guess that is the nature of my memory, or life or something. Maybe it is just the process of getting older, but there are some things I don't remember until I read them, certainly ideas and beliefs I no longer hold to and I am not sure what kind of progress I have made. Kind of in an odd mood now I guess and I don't want to lend it too much credit as I am ill and that certainly has been effecting my mood.

Maybe I will just shut up and come back later when I am feeling better? Back to bed for me.


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