Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Remembering to write

Trying to make a habit once again of writing here and it seems that mornings will be the best time for me, though my thoughts may suffer (as well may you) as my brain slowly wakes up to the new day. The sun is out. I am feeling well. I am sipping my coffee and planning my day.

My sister returned to the States yesterday from working in an orphanage abroad and I do need to drop by and see her. I think that she will be in the U.S. for a few more weeks before the takes off again, to Peru this time I believe. Where she finds the energy and grace to maintain her business, social life and volunteer activities is beyond me, but she may truly be the best person that I know. My brothers and I fall a bit short, I think, on the compassion for others scale. Maybe I will bring her some lunch and just drop by.

Found out my Mom isn't feeling to well, so need to check on her and maybe take my Dad out to eat. He kind of turns into a forlorn puppy when she is down and would be content to eat toast, crackers and cheese and drink coffee while waiting for her to get better, so I need to make sure he gets a good meal in him as well as providing him some space to decompress and communicate. It is all too uncanny how similar we both are to each other.

This week is rather simple and I am looking forward to Friday night. Brian is taking me to a performance of "the Wrestling Season" and it will be nice to have a night out in the city and meet the wide range of friends that he has in the theater and performing arts scene. When we add new people to our lives we also add their people to our people, at least a little bit at a time. In the new connections, our worlds become a little larger.

I know I need to get ready now. The coffee shop and that book I am trying to finish will not wait and I was incredibly productive yesterday. I have my taxes done, finished my scholarship applications for school and still managed to find time for a good drive and walk about. If it gets warm enough today, the car is going to get washed. Talked to Michael last night for a bit and this new transition in roles and space seems to be going smoothly, which is a huge relief. I am interested to see where this all takes us.

Eh, screw it...that is enough writing for now. I am headed to the shower. Have a good day!


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