Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Rant

Caution: Sarcasm and Crude Humor Enclosed

I fail to see how urging men to grow their facial hair during this month (No Shave November) does anything to "raise awareness" about prostate and testicular cancer. You want to start a "dialogue" and "open a conversation" about men's health? What does any of that modern bullshit mamby pamby language even mean?

Here's an freaking idea guys! Instead of running around like a bunch of slovenly, ungroomed He-apes this month, spouting gibbersmack that it's for a "good cause" in your own version of a teen Facebook or ladies Pinterest trend, how about you Man Up, set an appointment with your doctor, get your junk checked and move on with your life?

Oh...and shave that unkempt, dirty mess off your face while you're at it. The gentlemen who ALREADY have facial hair haven't grown it for some touchy feely, check your balls, I'm a lazy ass reason. They have groomed themselves as men and don't sell their dignity for the price of sloth. They and their magnificent year round hirsute physiognomies are exempt from any and all of the above.

I am sure they are intelligent enough to get their junk checked without any awareness being raised.


PS: The guy in the pic can ignore this rant as well, cause when you look that damn good with stubble, I am not going to be saying anything except "Hello". 


  1. Unusual concept. Maybe women should forego plucking their eyebrows/removing body hair for a month to raise awareness on breast cancer. But I doubt any of us could pull it off as nicely as Mr. Ruggedly Handsome up there.

  2. HAHAHA...The only reason I am opting in is because I've never done it before...and I'll be shaving it off in the next five days anyway. For me, it's something to do with all my guy friends and the tragedy that is my facial hair (or lack thereof) will soon be over. :-)

  3. So basically you look homeless because everyone else is doing it? Brilliant!

  4. This post expresses what I've been thinking much more cogently than I ever could... Or is it just because I am genetically incapable of growing robust facial hair?