Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is all we get

There are days when a moment in time, a thought, a simple idea, coalesces and one become serenely and terrifyingly aware of ones own existence. The myriad autumnal colors on a single leaf still clinging to the branch as the winds blow wetly filled with the damp against your cheek become almost too unbearably beautiful and complex to bear, much less comprehend.

This is such one moment for me.

Life is instantly real, burgeoning with teeming possibility and adrift on wafting memories that flit all too quickly past my singular grasp of the present. All is rushing, swirling, passing, frozen, suspended, stretching, sliding, dropping, clanging, toning, chanting, whispering, touching and leaving. All at once.  Everything is happening and I am aware. I am present. I am still enough, quieted in my core, resonating, reaching within and without of myself to simply be.

Such is the grasp of just one moment of clarity.

Life is full of millions of these moments.

Some I have caught ephemerally and lived. Others have passed me by as I hurried on in my quest and rushing about to get to the next when. The following where. Seeking the new whom. And in not stopping and looking up...I have missed them.

This is all we get.

And it is magnificent.

And it is oh, so very beautiful.


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