Friday, October 19, 2012

And around I go

I feel a bit remiss for not having written and shared thoughts here for quite some time, over ten days by my count. I have been working and not much else it seems. Due to scheduled vacations of others and the incredible amount of events booked for this month, I feel that I have been living in the kitchens at work. I have been working since the 9th of this month and have found a certain easy pattern and rhythm to each day. I get up at 3:30 am, start the coffee pot, hop in the shower, shave and grab a cup to sip and wake up while sitting outside thinking. Once that cup is gone, I dress for work, close up the house and hit the road. Working days can be as short as eight hours and as long as seventeen hours, depending on what contracts we have in house so I cook and cook and cook.

Once off of work, I usually have a short list of errands I run on my way home. Incidental trips to the grocery store, gas station, bank, cleaners and any of the myriad of details that make up my life. Once home, I have been eating, doing some reading, watching a few movies a chapter at a time, resting and then getting to bed early. It is a simple pattern but I have to say it has its merits. The days go round and round and there are no surprises. I awake. I work. I sleep. I do it all again.

That is how I have been spending my time the last two weeks. I still think of many things. The questions I have about life are still ever present, I just do not have much time to reflect and share on them here. Even now my dinner is in the oven, I will eat and read for a while and then be in bed by eight pm to settle down and rest before rising again long before sunrise.

I am thankful for this busy time. It keeps me occupied and focused on the simple things. While my mind strays at times while driving or I get lost in thought in the few moments I find to myself, I need to be distracted from all the things that press on in the back of my mind and heart. Maybe this time, as it goes, will bring me a measure of healing and rest. I will return when I have something to say or share.


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