Monday, October 22, 2012

Off Work

I just got home from working for the 14th day in a row and I am incredibly thankful to be home and to have tomorrow off completely to myself with nothing scheduled that can be remotely construed as constructive. I changed into some comfy sweat shorts, an old favorite t-shirt and currently have my feet up and am relaxing listening to some good music.

The car and house are both clean. All my laundry and errands are done, the bills are paid and the to-do list is completely blank. I have a stack of new movies to watch, a bag of books to read, a full pantry and fridge of groceries and I am pretty sure I am just going to hole up at home for the next 36 hours. My phone will be off but if you really need me, shoot me a text. I promise to pick up my phone a few times tomorrow and check to make sure no one has died or is in dire need of something. If in your mother.

I hope to set aside some time tomorrow morning to download some of my thoughts from the past two weeks here and generally catch up on my life. I know that one day off is not all that much, but I am grateful for even a bit of time to myself, out of the Kitchen and not on stage feeding guests and taking care of others. "Me time" is a very important commodity and I certainly do not take it for granted. Until I have something to say, I will be over here relaxing. :)


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