Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Mornin' to Ya

Hello World,

Woke up at 6:00 am though my body clock was guessing it was around 4:39 am or so. Laid there for a bit and just took inventory for a few moments. My back is healing, that's a good thing. Thanks for that! Stretched out under the warm covers and popped my toes and it felt nice to yawn hard and know today was going to be a good one.

Padded to the bath room and looked at my tussled hair with a grin and started in on the daily maintenance. Waited till the shower was steaming hot, taking the time to brush my teeth and drain the lizard. Ever notice how good that first morning pee always feels? Scrubbed down twice till my skin felt squeaky then dried off in the warmth with a clean rough towel. Man...that felt great! So many things we take for granted in this country. Being clean and warm, a soft, big bed to sleep in, a peaceful quiet place to wake up in. All of these things I have done without, at times in my life, and now am so very grateful.

A long, leisurely shave...ahhh. Now that is what I am talking about! Little bit more grooming and my body is ready to face the day. Time to stretch and run through a few exercises. Muscles protested a little bit, but all in all feeling like a fine Navy day! I love that feeling in the back of my legs and shoulders, that gentle ache that feels so good. Every day my flexibility is coming back, granted, I am not doing the splits again yet, but am getting there. It feels great to lay my face flat on my legs again. Having a hurt back really sucked there for awhile. You don't appreciate your core strength until it is damaged. that the smell of coffee? Forget the robe this morning. The air feels good on the skin. Went through the house without turning on the lights and prepared my morning joe. Mmmm...good. *slurp* Stepped outside for a bit, after throwing on some flannel pants, of course, though sometimes it is nice to step outside nakie. and crisp with just the hint of morning light. Neighborhood slowly waking up, the lake pretty calm and placid. I so love Fall! It smells like promise in the air and the hint of wood smoke from some ones fireplace.

Yesterday was amazing. Got to fly my kite for a few hours at the lawn of the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. Caught the attention of some life hysterical kids who ran around shrieking at the top of their lungs as I made the kite dive bomb them and dance over their heads. One solemn little guy hung back, his mouth agape and eyes as wide as saucers. I invited him to take the string and he came over and eagerly obliged. While teaching him how to catch the wind and keep the line taught I noticed an art student from KCAI capturing everything in stills with his camera. Such a beautiful afternoon. The kids wandered off with their minders to tour the gallery and I was left to myself again, just listening to tunes and fishing for the wind. That is, until the dang times sprinklers came on to water the lawn! Bwhahahaha...I just stood there and let them soak me. It is just water and it felt so good! Alive again, all in that moment.

Funny thing, my Dad showed up at my place later in the day. Acted like nothing had ever happened and was dying to show me a new singer he had discovered. Spent some time listening to Doug Kershaw, his new obsession and was taken aback that after so much grief in two weeks time that my Dad was reaching out to me in the only way he knew how. Through music. I know he can't address the things he said and he is even worse at apologies. In his mind, the matter is settled, at least for awhile and he knows that I know what he feels about all that. I guess I could be ugly and drag it all out again, but in the way of men, I think I am going to let go of it and take this for what it is, a truce. We understand each other well enough to know how we think and feel about what happened, no need to let words all get in the way. Is that hard on me? Yes, yes it is. Am I okay with that? I think I am. For now I am glad to be sharing time and space again. I am sure that it was not easy for him to drive out and wonder what look on my face would greet him. Not talking for that length of time was hard on us both. Guys are weird...I know, cause I am one of them.

After the sun comes up a bit, I am going to take the top off the car and get him ready for a drive. South I think this morning, maybe out Lees Summit way. Kind of hit the back country roads and push some new tunes though the system. Tonight I am excited about. My new Corpus group starts that Gareth invited me to and one of the guys in church will be leading it this Fall and Winter. Edward is quite a character. I first met him on the Guys Camping Trip this summer. He is blind, but I did not even notice for about the first hour, he is that skilled! He graduated from Harvard a while back and I am intrigued to get to know him better. Gareth of course rocks, my crazy friend from Australia. Need to pick his brain some about all things Culinary. He was a chef in France and England before coming to America. Doesn't hurt that he is smashingly beautiful in his charming and rugged way, but not to worry. I'll be good!

Breakfast time in a few. Warm, comfortable broken in jeans from the dryer. A faded and much loved t-shirt, might grab a sweater and cap for the morning jaunt? Looks to be a good day! Hope it finds you well.


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