Sunday, October 24, 2010

New friend

I meet many different people each day. I think we all do. Some leave an impression, others...not so much. Sometimes I sit at the coffee shop and watch people. I write about some, a few find their way into my sketches but rarely do these passing strangers find their way into my life.

Levi is different.

I knew this the very first time I saw him in September. He was sitting at a window table, his stuff spread out all over the place, kicked back in his chair, lounging in the sun and eating a cookie. He caught my eye at first, because he was wearing a bright red North Face jacket, then as my eyes wandered, I decided I really liked the scuffed Adidas kicks, rumpled jeans (that he filled out nicely), frayed belt, broad shoulders and curly blonde hair.

Then his eyes caught me...literally caught me.

Deepest blue I have seen, ever.

Watching me...watching him.


Bold little fucker.

Not really sure how long we stared, but he kept eating his cookie and I stood there with my coffee, like an idiot. I finally remembered to smile but found that my face was already stretched into a huge grin. Suddenly I bolted for my usual table, which happened to be near his, and settled in to read and listen to some music.

He leaned over, scratched his nose and said, "Hi, I'm Levi. What's your name?"


  1. "Bold little fucker." Blunt, but it made me smile. I sometimes wonder about apporaching people more boldly. Occasionally I'll do it at church. Maybe there's some future development out there for me still. Just think, I never "met" anyone over the Internet until four years ago either, and I never thought I would do that.

  2. I think this is a beautiful story--hot, even--and I can see God chuckling over your encounter.