Thursday, October 14, 2010

Night Post

Kind of strange to be sitting here and writing a few things in the evening. I typically post during the day, specifically in the morning, kind of as a way of clearing my head. Guess tonight is an exception?

What was today, Thursday? Yeah, that is right. Cause last night was my Corpus group. (small home church group) It was amazing. Joined a new group this Fall as my old group kind of imploded due to tons of kids being had, all kind of activities that kept all the young parents busy and who knows what all else. My new group meets at a couples house in Wednesday night to discuss the weeks message, share what is going on in our lives, play and eat together, just live out community, I guess? They have this kick ass ginormous Arts and Crafts style home that has to be at least 100 years old. It is like 4 stories tall and decorated in a way that hearkens back to a great age of style, preserves the heritage of the home but still features all the latest technology and amenities. They raised all their kids there and have now opened their home graciously to all us crazy guys and girls from church. I think they will soon be a second family to me. I had met Edward on my camping trip and he is a Harvard trained attorney who is blind. Just an amazing soul. His wife is love. That is the easiest way to explain Ansie. They rock...more on them as time goes by.Met some new peeps, saw some old friends and definitely know that is the place for me. Yippee!, slept in a bit, till 8 or so and then had interviews and tours all day of a company I had put some feelers out to. That is right...I think my care free time off is coming to an end. I really need a schedule and something to do with my days instead of living the life of some goof off wander about. This summer and fall have been awesome so far but I am actually kind of bored with all the freedom and time on my hands. Hard to believe I know, but a man needs something to do, a purpose, a sense of productivity. At least I do. Took a tour of the entire facilities tonight and am very intrigued and interested to do some chemistry for them. I will know more tomorrow, but have my toes They will pay me in money! That kind of comes in handy at

I am pretty tired. Got done reading all my stuff...oh yeah! Ran into friends from the lake today here in town. Talk about strange. They were not together at least, that could have been awkward. (simple story, I slept with both of them at different times over my vacation time at the lake. Hard to not think of how great that was when talking at the coffee shop, like a movie on the back of my eyelids) It was great to catch up, but it was strange hanging in the city instead of the lake. I spent a little time with each, drank some coffee, talked and acted interested in their lives, but whatever those sparks were are gone for me. Just pretty and blank faces. Is that strange? Was it just the magic of being at the lake? Or have I changed that much. Kind of made me sad that their lives were still kind of revolving around a circle. They are still trying to find their success and acceptance in society with the grasp for money and relationship. I have been that way before and know what it feels like. Who knows? I might be there again sometime, but at least I have a direction at the moment.

So I guess I will do some work until school starts. The pay is great, the hours are cushy and it is a new and exciting field. I should know by tomorrow. Guess I will have to make this weekend count for something because it is back to being a bit of an adult at times. Crapster! I forgot about that part. I kind of got used to being the boss of me. Ima go to bed now, even though it's hella early. I just am tired. G'nite all. Maybe I will have something worth saying in the morning.


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