Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Up and at 'Em!

Woke up before my alarm this morning to beautiful warm sunshine and a whole list of things to get done before work today. Currently doing laundry, making coffee, jotting down a grocery list and all of the various mundane chores that make up my simple life. I am still amazed at what eight hours of hard, knock out sleep can do for me. I feel like a new man. Well, not a new man, but at least a really well rested man! :)

Working my banquets today, which is always a feat of patience and decorum. Sometimes these business people, in their zeal for new prospects and competition amongst themselves often take out their frustration on "the help" which then falls onto me as the Banquet Captain. This is where I have to excel under pressure, keep the other servers calm, put out the fires, smooth ruffled feathers, approve outrageous requests and generally act a fool in order to keep smiles in place and things running smoothly. Believe me, it will be a much better day, after the last of these guests are ushered out of the Hemingway Room to their respective vehicles. At least I only deal with this group once a week. They sure are a piece of work! Today will be a bit sad, as I will be saying goodbye to one of my best servers, Meghan. She has been cherry picked by a new restaurant group in the city and today will be her last day with us. She is a joy to work with, a triple threat as Chef, Kitchen Manager and Server and her smile and perky voice will be sorely missed. I wish her the best of luch and know that success will continue to find her. I know Tristan (her boyfriend) is taking it a bit hard, since he will continue on with our company, but maybe some space will also do them good. It is hard to maintain good boundaries when one works with the person one loves. That is at least one rule I learned while in the Navy!

The church announced who our new pastor is this last Sunday. It is our old pastor! Tim will be returning from New Zealand with his family during the summer and I am so excited. This is the guy who invited me BACK to his church after hearing what a horrible person I was. I truly consider him a dear friend and almost like my second Dad. After searching high and low, I guess the elders came to an understanding that no one could fill our founding pastor's shoes like our founding pastor could. I cannot wait to pounce him in a bear hug and hear what adventures he has had in Kiwi land. I know last week he wiped out in the surf and had a pretty intimate encounter with his face and the surf board, as evidenced by the pics he sent me! Ouchie! Welcome home Tim and get your tail back ASAP. We have missed you and your amazing family.

So that last post was kind of a bummer, huh? I still haven't really processed all those feelings and thoughts but I am just taking it one day at a time now. Crap, can't quit sneezing! Anyway, I am in a good place at the moment and know that all of these questions and issues will be resolved in good time. Thanks for hanging with me and know that as I find answers I will keep you all posted.

Had a dream last night of Michael and I, so in a strange mood, but not upset or depressed about it. Just really miss him on days like this. We never got to Africa together. We were going to raise horses and sleep on the porch under the stars...memories.


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