Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last night I sat and stared at the Moon. My ears, snugged into my Headcandy Aviators, kept all the sounds of others at bay while seeping into my mind the sounds and sentiments of my choosing.

Seated at a large marble table for twelve, I carefully penned pages trying to capture all that has transpired since I last cracked open that well worn journal that is always carried with me in my pack.

People, families, lovers, children and dogs came and went and I watched the world meet around me, lost in the reverie of my own private thoughts and musings.

Sitting there, I realized...I am happy.

 This life I am building has left me in the center of contentment. The things to be thankful for would fill more words and space that I could place here.

It is well with my soul.

Woke up this morning after sleeping in a bit for me. Working as a Chef has turned my schedule on its head, so rolling over in bed sleepily to find it 7 am felt like high noon to me. Shot, showered and shaved and packed my back pack with the few things I would need for a day off, dropped the top and hit the road. Drove out past the lake district and stopped in at the shop for an oil change and tune up. The sun is out and the weather has broke to a beautiful 70 degrees or so. My favorite maintenance  guy was at the dealership, so while he tended to my car, we shot the shit and caught up on life. Grabbed a bottle of water and headed back out.

Driving into the city I never hit a red light. 16 green lights in a row! That is a personal record and had me grinning from ear to ear like a little boy who just discovered his dick. LOL  :) Hit the coffee shop and got to flirt a bit with my long time crush there. He always has my coffee waiting for me when he sees me zip into my parking space. Got to love that!

Read a few chapters in my new book and headed over to the Bunker to check out Nixon's new 51-30 watches and some Pumas. Picked out some more new kicks and decided to take a pause on a new time piece. Little stiff on the price, though Jakob did offer me his employee discount. Might have to take him up on that in a few weeks? He knocked my sneaks down to 40 bucks with tax so that sent me down the sidewalk in style and with a little spry bounce in my step.

Wandered over through the shops in Westport and wiled a few hours browsing and visiting with all the local business owners. "Yes, I will take a scone and have some tea! Is this a new piece? I love it. That new Motoguzzi is one nice machine. Feels good between my legs. Always wanted a cafe racer...but no, can't take him for a spin. Sorry, have to head downtown."

Swung down to UnionStation and waited for Stephen to come on out for lunch. We zoomed over the the 39th Street Corridor and treated him there to some Po's. Bubble tea, spring rolls, crab rangoon, Emperors's dumplings, chicken Lo Mein and some lettuce wraps later we were happy. He needed to talk, so I just sat there and listened. Was good for both of us. I love that guy.Ran him back to Hallmark and he headed in to finish his day a little reluctantly.

Decided to swing by the club and have some iced tea on the patio with Jeromy and Austin. Lazy sunny day for a bit and then headed over to the park to throw some Frisbee and play some pick up soccer. Shirts and skins FTW! :) My eyes were just as full as my stomach and heart. There are some beautiful guys in this world for sure. We all stretched out under the trees and just watched the clouds blow by after we got tuckered out. Those kind of talks are the best and yes, I kept my eyes to myself...for the most part! Once I cooled down in the shade I decided to head on home for a nap and that is where ya find me now, typing a few words before I  take a quick shower and stretch out on some new cotton sheets. Then I will  simply let sleep fold me up for a few hours in the cool darkness of my bedroom with the AC blowing softly over me.

I like this.


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  1. Sounds so nice; I remember fantastic times in my twenties. Do prepare for the future though. There are many ways to get wiped out financially in this life (ask any divorced man or anyone who has been sued in court) caused by everything from job loss to ill health, so be sure to put away the 10% of income in a diversified portfolio. Friends, family, and yes lovers can screw you out of your money too. And do find that guy who will stick with you for the long haul before you get too old. - Wayne :)