Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just finished a dinner of home made vegetable soup with crackers and a few thick slices of sharp, cheddar cheese. Now to steep some hot chai tea with milk and sugar and make ready for bed.

As of last evening, I am now officially sick. Some type of head/chest congestion, deep cough, fever, back/neck feels like someone took a bat to it, kind of thing. Woke up this morning for work feeling less than stellar, I can assure you that. I was like...waaaaaaat? I don't have time in my life for this crap!

Today's cooking adventure kicked my ass. 'Nuff said. The next two days will be the same. For joy... FU New York Yankees Fan Club! FU staying at my hotel! FU getting up super early and eating like Ham Beasts! Pretty much FU!

Came home from work today and just sacked out for about 5 hours. Got up and stumbled around the kitchen making myself some soup and am now getting ready to take some meds and crash back into bed. Missed the dinner at Stephen's tonight, but he understood. Hopefully will be back on my feet by the weekend. Three different parties to attend. A friends B-day at the Foundry, Mick's going away party at 303(going to miss him and his husband so much) and something else I can't seem to remember at the moment. Whatever it is, I am sure some one will remind me.

I am the type of guy who when I get sick, I just hibernate till I am better. And speaking of that, good night. Put away the soup for me and do my dishes, please? Kai...thanks.


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  1. The curse of being around people; you eventually get the plague. The odds are good that those unseen microscopic bugs will get us in the end lol. It's hot here tonight too so I'll look like that guy in the pic; my mountain bike keeps my ass in shape! - Wayne :)