Monday, August 15, 2011


Sleep left me at three this morning and I rolled over while my brain tried to boot up and match reality with my body. The need to pee was loud but morning wood and the scraps of a slipping away dream conspired to keep me tangled up in my sheets and pillows for just a few moments longer. The alarm that I had forgotten to turn off snicked quietly on and for a while I just laid on my back, sprawled out with my hands clasped behind my head and enjoyed the music and quiet dark of my room.

A day off. :)

I finally rolled my feet onto the bare wood floor and padded my way to the bathroom without the aid of any light. Water fell into water and my morning started with a contented sigh. Slipped through the darkened house in the quiet and poured myself a glass of chilled water while the light from the refrigerator cast my shadow over the counter top as the cool air twisted and tickled around my bare ankles. Water in. Much better. Sometimes I say "Ahh..." loudly and smack my lips after a good drink.

This was one of those drinks. :)

After throwing on a pair of boxers, I went outside and sat  spread legged on my porch and waited for the sun to come up. It was still early so after sitting awhile listening to the sounds of my neighborhood I came back inside. Got my coffee brewing, caught up on my texts and emails and put together a simple shopping list for the grocery store. I probably will do some laundry today and clean up the house a bit. Nothing crazy, just the odds and ends that get missed when life gets busy.

Ventured back outside to the most amazing sight and light. As the sun is coming up, the whole sky is painted in gentle pinks, glowing purple, a hint of green and some amazing shades of blue. The diffused glow from the unrisen sun made all the colors in the trees, lawn and gardens seem surreal and almost dream like. It literally was so beautiful I had to sit down on the porch and simply breathe it in with my eyes. Moments of beauty rarely coincide with time to appreciate them. It is only when I stop and be present that they can sink into my soul and make me appreciate life and the humanity of existence. I wish I would have captured that sky this morning, not only to share it with you, but to save it for another day when life brings me shades of gray.

After checking the weather I decided to put the top up on the car. Forty percent for thunderstorms is certainly worth heeding. I will take a shower soon and begin my day in earnest but wanted to take even a moment to simply jot a few thoughts down before life sped up again.

Sitting and breathing.


Today is a good day.


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  1. You should really try and get more sleep; 3 in the morning is a little early! I used to get up early to go to work (operator in a nuclear power plant; see, us gays are everywhere!) so I got to see lots of sunrises both summer and winter. I love nature too and appreciate it more the older I get; it is always there for me (unlike some people) and that is comforting. I use my mountain bike to take me there. - Wayne :)