Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sleep is good...

Wow. Slept for twelve hours. Was seriously beat, I guess? All that soccer and frsibee did me in, just took a day for it to catch up with me. Waking up now and about ready to tip my first cup of coffee of the day. My body feels good, though a little tight. Might need to run though my stretching twice this morning after I shower. Weather report looks amazing and I have a pretty light day at work. Should be out of there by 11:30 or so and then will head into the city to catch lunch with the guys at YJ's. I love that, nom, nom! I wanna try their new cookies. They look amaaaaaazing!

I really like how when I flex my legs really hard the kind of do that vibrate and shake thing and then my toes all pop. That feels really good! brain is not awake yet. Be right back...

Mucho bettero! Not sure physiologically what stretching out does for me but I sure like how it feels. I really need to get all my flexibility back. I remember when I was playing sports in school and in the Navy, I could stand straight up and then bend over and lay my forehead on my kneecaps. That is a good goal again, I think?

Nothing heavy weighing on my head today. Checked the budget for this month and I am right on track, even with the extra expenses of summer that one can never seem to plan for. I think today is going to be another great day!

Funny thing about the weekends when you work in the service industry, the day it is really doesn't seem to matter. Monday and Tuesdays have now turned into "my" weekend and everything else is just a split between work and play. I need to remember to drop my books off at the library later.

Got a new CD yesterday(Bare Naked Ladies)...I know, I should really convert everything over to MP3 and all the new crap out there, but for some reason I drag my feet when it comes to learning and using new technology. I am a closet Luddite, or at least that is what Stephen calls me. I really dig this music though. Good stuff for sure! I think this will be the soundtrack to my day.

It is Geoff's b-day today, so have to make sure I get by and drop his card and gift off at the party. It is hard to believe we have been friends for over ten years now! Where does time go? He has always been there for me and I really treasure sharing life with him. I hope he knows how much he is loved by all of us. I have never met a person more generous with his time, life and resources. God knows how many scrapes he has helped me out of and what a constant friend he is. Love ya, Geoff and Merry Birthmas Dai!

Welp, time to trim my hair and hop in the shower. Sorry I don't have the time to address some more of the serious things I am processing right now, but it will come. Life is going well and I am taking each day as it comes but also keeping a careful eye on my future. Change is afoot to be sure. Hope you are all doing well and finding the things in life that you seek. Ciao!


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  1. Life is backwards; when we are young we want to sleep 12hrs a day but cannot because of the daily schedule. When we are old and retired and can sleep all we want, we only need 6hrs.
    -Funny how when we were kids we wanted to be big and strong. Now at my age I wistfully remember how flexible I was as a kid lol.
    -Prepare for the future but don't worry about it; we are all in the same boat. A little coolness here in the mornings; a hint of fall. - Wayne :)