Wednesday, August 17, 2011


An interesting test:  For three days, do not call, text or email the people in your life who you consider your friends and family. See who responds. Profit.

Feeling a bit better today in heart, mind and body. Work went well and just returned home but it was a bit bitter sweet. One of my guys who really works hard and is a lot of fun to be with suddenly quit without warning or notice today. Andrew, your smile and that crazy mo-hawk will be missed. Best of luck to you in all your next endeavors.

Random note: may be joining a gay Rugby Club here in KC (the Carnivores) to play this next season. Kind of interested and excited? More news on that this fall.

Prolly going to take a nap and get some cleaning done around the house. A lot on my mind, but nothing worth sharing as of yet. Still kind of kicking around some stuff that came up over the last few days. Until I know what's up, I'll keep my mouth shut.


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