Saturday, November 5, 2011

I've been sick *sniff*

Welp, it is two pm on a Saturday afternoon and I am still in my pj pants, listening to the soundtrack of "500 Days of Summer" while watching my cooking shows with the mute on, texting with friends, doing a week's worth of laundry and trying to not move too much. I have had some kind of horrible flu thing since this last Wednesday morning and it has wiped me out.

Worked Wed, Thurs, and Fri morning before I finally called 'uncle' last night around ten pm. All my time off work was spent hibernating in bed for ten to eleven hours at a stretch and I can assure you, when I am sick, it is not a pretty sight. I am a grouchy, grumpy, sniffing, coughing, growling, mewling, whining mess of a man. Much better for everyone to stay out of my way and ignore the sick guy.

That being said...I feel about 53.9% better this morning and am able to get around the house without too much soreness and random fits of lung wracking coughing. I must say that the coughing jags make for one hell of an abdominal work out. Maybe someone should look into induced coughing as a possible muscle fitness thing. Now I am just rambling. Sorry. These meds that I am on make for one disassociated sense of being.

I don't recall this song being that fantastically happy? Aside: Joseph Gordon Levitt is one hell of an attractive man.

Ahem...where was I? Ah, yes. So I have been sick but am recovering. I have taken, took, whatever three days off from work to rest and am doing my dead level best to remain at home regardless of how my mind keeps trying to trick me into running errands or heading to the coffee shop. I feel a bit of cabin fever already but I can deal with that. I want to be at my best before I try anything, otherwise I will never get any better.

I have no idea what they are making and eating on this bizarre show. It looks like some weird sausage made out of marshmallow but they are Asian, so I can't read their lips. Grrr... Nothing in this show makes sense. This cannot be food. I can't watch it anymore!

Tomorrow, I hope to be on my feet to get to my coffee shop (missed it for 4 whole days!), church and then hang out with Michael the rest of his weekend. It has only been a few days and I still miss him so much! I don't want to get him sick but I am feeling selfish, too. I know I wouldn't be fun to hang out with anyway when I am like this. Talking on the phone has had to suffice and he brought me some soup, crackers and 7-Up while I was asleep. He is such a sweetheart.

I guess I will shut up now. I have nothing of value to add. Off to take a hot bath and hit the sack again.


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