Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday morning and thoughts on the week

I awoke this morning to the dogs gleefully pouncing on Michael and 5 am. So much for sleeping in on my day off. I padded around the house, making coffee, doing little start of the day tasks and waited for him to roll out of bed. After about 15 minutes it was apparent he was having a rough go at waking up, so I crawled back under the covers and just cuddled him for a bit until his eyes opened and he was ready to join the waking world. I sent him off to the shower as he was going into the office today.

The dogs, once fed, started prancing about and generally being the little scamps they are. They had sacked out during the movie and had several long hours of sleep on us both. We stepped outside to let them run and do their business and looked in quiet wonder at what artwork Jack Frost had been up to as we slept. He pointed out Orion guarding the night and we just peacefully watched our breath rise in vapor enjoying our moment in the quiet dark.

I got his bag together for the day, made sure he had everything he needed and kissed him goodbye and watched as he backed out of the garage and started his commute. Is this a taste of what marriage could be like? Simply sharing life, each day, as it comes in simplicity? Knowing the space and time we have for each other is ours and only worth sharing with others in small bits and pieces?

I took my shower, shaved and buzzed my hair. It had begun to get a little shaggy, at least by my standards and I am ready to break out all my winter hats and beanies, so it was high time for a trim. Not a lot of things feel better than a new hair cut, except maybe for cleaning my ears with a Q-Tip. Now that is some human pleasure right there!

My face is a little bit chapped and stubble burned from making out last night. For some reason, we can turn into two horny teenagers at the drop of a hat. A Sunday night spent snuggled on the couch watching a movie was just the thing we needed after a long hard work week. I put in 7 days in a row and he had worked at least 48 hours as well. Time we spend in tends to be even better than going out to see and be seen. Plus I can steal kisses anytime I want without worry, not that I let others change how I show my love, but one does have to be a bit mindful, even in this amazing city.

We were walking back from the Plaza lighting ceremony on Thanksgiving and night and had spent a magical evening enjoying the music and the crowds. Once the fireworks went off, we kissed and enjoyed holding hands and strolling arm and arm enjoying the Christmas lights and bustling crowds. He commented to me at the restaurant that I am the only guy he has ever been with where he felt safe and secure enough to share emotion and affection with in public. That made me feel incredibly happy and a bit sad all at the same time. We don't do anything that other couples wouldn't do. Hold hands, touch easily, maybe a kiss or hug, but for some reason, there are still people in this world who hate anything that is different from their hetero-normative world view and feel that we are "shoving it in their face"? Wouldn't the converse actually be true? All the heterosexuals are always "shoving it in our faces" to be honest. They talk about their marriages, their kids and have no problem with PDA...but for some reason, when we do it, it becomes a problem.

The wonderful evening was a bit marred as we returned to our car and a SUV decided to slow down and yell "Fucking Faggots!" at us, then sped up and drove away. This upset him a lot, but I simply pulled him closer and kept talking quietly as if nothing had happened, all the while keeping an eye on those around us and the departing SUV. I am protective of him and will never let any harm come to him. I wish I could shield him from the hate and aggression that so many chose to express at us and I feel only pity for those who let what others have taught them rule so much of their hearts and minds.

I cannot help but hear in my head those words..."Love one another."


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